curated by Dina Brodsky, Karl Koett and Tun Myaing
at Milavec Hakimi Gallery, May 8th – 24th 2012
read curatorial statement
review by Lidia Arshavsky in Arte Fuse: “The Drawing Room at Milavec Hakimi Gallery”
article by Patrick McGinnis for the Huffington Post: “The Drawing Room: Artists and Their Sketchbooks Occupy an NYC Gallery”
video by Guno Park: “The Drawing Room”


Perhaps more so than any other form of art, drawing reveals the pure intent of the artist. Drawing does not allow for multiple revisions; it is for the artist what improvisation is for the actor. The raw talent, the creative spirit of the artist is tangible in the drawing. The Drawing Room allows you a rare glimpse into the private universe of the artist, with all the intricacies of structure and elegance of creative motion revealed. Using a diversity of approaches, the artists reveal themselves as they are: inventive, sublime, thoughtful, playful, absurd – stripped of artifice and pretense.

Ranging from the inarticulate to the sharply defined in their unbroken linearity, these masterful renderings will draw you in, engage you, entrance you with the unique promise of meeting some of the most interesting and talented artists of today mind to mind. It is our sincere hope that the viewer will leave aesthetically engaged, but also with a sense of connection; that particular solace offered only by the well-crafted thoughts of an articulate mind.