curated by Dina Brodsky and Maria Kreyn
at Mark Miller Gallery, May 8 – June 7, 2013
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No commodity is more irreplaceable than human time. While some of us spread it across many undertakings, others focus obsessively on a single endeavor. Compulsion, co-curated by Dina Brodsky and Maria Kreyn, opening at the Mark Miller Gallery on May 8, explores works by artists in the latter category – works that channel hundreds of hours into a single piece of art.

Compulsion celebrates the obsessive efforts of sixteen such artists. Working with different materials, they share an unwavering devotion to executing their visions, producing pieces that are exceptional in their beauty, craftsmanship and technical complexity. These run the gamut from K. Nancy Fang’s ultra-detailed paper filigree sculpture evoking a futuristic, cylindrical cityscape to James Linkous’ meticulous 3D images summoned through drawings on layers of glass. Tun Myaing’s oil on mylar paintings take seemingly common objects and infuse them with the echo of untold stories, while John Haverty’s elaborate ink drawings portray the opposite, a wall-wide sprawl of elaborate storytelling.

Curator Maria Kreyn, whose light-based artwork is constructed using painstaking etchings on plastic, feels there is great merit in laboring to create something so detailed. “In a world where everything is mass-produced and disposable, these works are a call to action to value the objects that really matter to us. This level of time investment forces the artist to be more present with the work and encourages viewers to be enriched by examining pieces more slowly and deeply.” The show aspires to rouse viewers into becoming aware of their own human time, to contemplate the things they simply cannot give up, to find their own compulsions and – under inspiration from these artists – to give in to them.