curated by Trek Lexington, with the assistance of Dina Brodsky and Michelle Doll
at Mark Miller Gallery, October 8th – November 9th, 2014
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Mark Miller Gallery is pleased to announce Behind the Curtain, an exhibition of works by artists previously and currently employed as assistants to Jeff Koons, Mark Tansey, Eric Fischl, Alex Melamid, Mickalene Thomas, Donald Baechler, Kehinde Wiley, Barry X Ball, Dirk Skreber, Red Grooms, Yigal Ozeri, Sol LeWitt, Odd Nerdrum, Bo Bartlett, Julie Heffernan and others. Behind the Curtain is curated by Trek Lexington, emerging curator of contemporary realism.

Historically, assistants were apprentices to the masters (da Vinci, Van Dyck, etc.) where they developed their artistic technical skills. Contemporary workshops often function in a different way. Some artists may employ just one or two assistants, while others employ dozens to implement their concepts. Assistants’ duties broadly range from the logistical studio tasks to painting large segments of the artist’s vision on the canvas. Many are now hired for their extraordinary talent to complete entire works of art, and they are often working behind the scene without acknowledgement of the tremendous craftsmanship they lend to a final product.

Behind the Curtain reveals a group of 32 talented young artists, whose labor has stood behind the shining names of contemporary masters. This exhibition brings together the work of the assistants to various cultural icons, allowing viewers to experience the dialogue between their creative forces first-hand. This is an opportunity to witness a unique moment of synergy, where the paths of these two generations of artists cross and intertwine.

From romantic drawings by Katie Hemmer, to intricate post-apocalyptic landscapes by Alexis Hilliard, and Steve Shaheen’s postmodern sculptures, Behind the Curtain demonstrates that these artists’ assistants make powerful works in their own right. Many of the artists featured are emerging talents, unrepresented by galleries. Mark Miller Gallery is proud to provide this platform for working artists, waiting in the wings for an entrée into the limelight.